Why Children’s Dental Check-Ups are Crucial!

Early and regular dental visits are crucial for healthy teeth today and in the future. It’s a common misconception, though, that there is no need to worry about a child’s primary teeth since they will soon be replaced with permanent ones. Unfortunately, early dental problems increase the chances of issues with permanent teeth. By taking your […]

The Floss Controversy: What A Dentist Thinks About Flossgate

If you Google “flossgate”, you get back 17,700 search results, all thanks to a “bombshell” article from the AP that claims flossing may not be necessary after all. The AP article said that there is weak evidence for improving gum and oral health with flossing, and that the medical benefits of flossing were “unproven”. The […]

Can Flossing Extend Your Life Expectancy?

There are many healthy habits people can maintain to extend their life expectancy: exercising, eating well, staying social…flossing? According to VeryWell.com, daily flossing helps you live longer and is one of those weird-but-true facts that is not so obvious. Think about it: Flossing prevents gum disease, and having good oral health lowers your risk for […]

Life Hacks: What to Do if You Forgot Your Toothbrush

It happens to everyone sooner or later. You’ve finally gotten a chance to take that vacation or family trip only to realize once you’ve arrived at your destination that you forgot to pack a toothbrush. Unfortunately, good dental hygiene never takes a vacation. What can you do keep your pearly whites clean without a toothbrush? […]

helping kids learn to brush

Creative Ways to Help Your Kids Like Brushing

Some days, the bedtime struggle is real. Depending on the age of your child, you’ve probably been through many phases of rebellion tempered with sweetness (how do they do that!?) that make you want to simultaneously laugh and pull your hair out. Some kids dread their nightly bedtime ritual, while others hate it. For some, […]

Teeth of State Animals: South Carolina

We’re all about South Carolina pride here at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry in West Columbia. We’re also proud of our state animals, and today we are highlighting our favorite animals that you can find right here in the Palmetto State. You’ll notice that some of the animals on our list have teeth that are very […]