British Teeth vs American Teeth: Busting the Myth

A recent study published by the BMJ shows that American teeth are not only just as bad as British teeth, they may even be worse. The perceived difference between British teeth and American teeth has long been a convenient source of jokes on the Brits, both in casual American conversation and American pop culture. Austin […]

What are Teeth Made of?

Wondering what your pearly whites are made of? Understanding the anatomy of your teeth can better help you understand how to take care of them! Here at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry, we really value patient education, so we’re hoping this post can help you better understand the inner workings of your oral health. Enamel The […]

Plaque-Revealing Green Toothpaste May Help Fight Tooth Decay

How well are you really brushing your teeth? You may have heard of dye tablets that you can chew after brushing which reveal spots you’ve missed. Now, there is a toothpaste that claims to do just this, so as you’re brushing you can see where plaque remains. The product is called Plaque HD, created by […]

Why Should I Brush for Two Minutes?

You may be wondering why us dentists are such sticklers to the rules when it comes to brushing and flossing. You probably know that the American Dental Association set forth recommendations about how long we should brush our teeth: at least two minutes twice a day. What you may not know is exactly why it […]