3 Things You Should Know About Primary Teeth

Did you know that baby (primary) teeth last for one-sixth of a person’s life? Primary teeth, also commonly referred to as baby teeth, serve a very important function. Taking care of primary teeth will allow for the jaw bone to grow and develop the way it should. There is a misconception that baby teeth don’t […]

Ancient Teeth & Dentistry

Modern dentistry has provided an enormous amount of preventive, restorative and cosmetic options for keeping our teeth healthy and attractive. Even still, many Americans combat issues such as gum disease, tooth loss, and tooth discoloration. With all of our modern technology, it makes one wonder, how did ancient humans take care of their teeth? Ancient […]

Worst Foods & Drinks for Your Teeth

Did you know that certain foods have the potential for damaging your teeth? Yes, many seemingly harmless foods and candies will in fact cause problems with your teeth, including chipping, cavities, and staining. Read our list of the top worst foods and drinks for your teeth and try an alternative when possible! Hard Candy Hard […]