3 Myths About Dental Care to Stop Believing

You think you know all there is to know about keeping your teeth clean, shiny, and healthy. Unfortunately, you may not know as much as you think! These 3 myths about dental health are all too common–and they could be hurting your overall oral health.

I brush my teeth. That means I don’t have to go to the dentist unless I’m having problems, right?

Actually, visiting the dentist is about much more than just checking for problems. At Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry, Dr. Oliver and staff will ensure that your smile stays bright and beautiful. Not only will they look for anything that your regular brushing–and flossing, and mouthwash–routine might be missing, they’ll also keep an eye on your overall oral health. Dental problems can creep up on you unnoticed until they become serious issues. Make sure that you’re making your dental appointments on time to keep those problems from getting out of control.

Only kids have to worry about cavities. Since adults eat less sugar, they’re at a lower risk for cavities.

Actually, kids and adults are at approximately equal risk for cavities. Many adults consume coffee, soda, and other acidic beverages that can degrade tooth enamel, making teeth more prone to cavities. Not only that, introducing fluoride to drinking water has significantly reduced the number of cavities experienced by school-aged kids. Older adults, on the other hand, often take medications that can make them more prone to cavities. That means that it’s just as important for adults to be in the office as kids!

I have more important things to think about during my pregnancy than making a dentist appointment. I can deal with my oral health after the baby is born.

Actually, oral health during your pregnancy is more important than ever before. Not only are you at a slightly higher risk for cavities due to poor eating habits and mineral depletion as your growing baby drains you of everything they need, if you’re experiencing morning sickness, you may also have added acid running through your mouth that’s slowly destroying the enamel on your teeth. In addition, poor oral health can lead to premature labor and other complications–so make sure you’re getting your teeth seen throughout your pregnancy just like you would at any other time.

If you need to get your oral health on track, it’s time to get back in our office! If you’re in West Columbia, SC, contact us today to set up an appointment for a dental exam and cleaning. Your teeth will be glad you did!

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