4 Ways You Should Be Using Your Toothbrush

West Columbia SC Dentist OfficeYou might think there’s not much you can do to shake up the typical back-and-forth scrubbing method when cleaning your teeth. But there are actually a few other techniques you should try out to enhance your oral health.

1. Angle the Bristles into the Gum Line

Your gums need some love, too! By tipping the bristles at about a 45° angle, you can dislodge a lot of the plaque that would otherwise get trapped between your teeth and cause gingivitis.

Use a very gentle “jiggling” motion as you do so for the best effect.

2. Angle the Tip Behind Front Teeth

The very tip of the bristles is ideal for loosening debris on the back of front teeth, which could quickly accumulate and turn into stain or tartar. Turn your brush vertically and wiggle it back and forth.

Do this every time you brush, and your dental cleanings will probably get shorter.

3. Brush Your Tongue

Most of the time, bad breath is due to food leftovers and bacteria hanging out on the surface of the tongue. The air you breathe out passes over your tongue . . . and right into the noses of your neighbors.

Do everyone a favor by going over your tongue a couple times each time you brush.

Tip: When brushing your tongue, breathe heavily and steadily in and out through your nose to avoid gagging.

4. Clean Your Aligner or Retainer

Recycle a past-prime toothbrush as a cleaner for your orthodontic aligner or retainer. You need to brush such appliances to avoid getting tartar and stain on them.

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