5 Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas

When your child looses a tooth, the excitement can be overwhelming. That sparkle in your child’s eye when they remind you that the tooth fairy is coming is pure happiness. Then it strikes. Oh yea, the tooth fairy is coming.

Not only is this an exciting opportunity for your child, but it gives you the opportunity to decide who that whiley little fairy is. Does she sprinkle your child with cupcakes? Leave magic candy dust wherever she walks? This is also, of course, an opportunity to impart the significance of good oral health on your child. Permanent teeth will be growing in soon, and those need to last a lifetime.

So how can you make the tooth fairy fun AND educational?


Fairy Dust

Break out the glitter and confetti. Sprinkling fairy dust around your child’s bedroom is a great way to make sure the tooth fairy feels welcome to come grab that pearly white from under your child’s pillow! You could go so far as to lead the tooth fairy from the front door to your child’s bedroom, but it’s all up to you and how powerful your magic vacuum cleaner is.

Encourage your child to brush their teeth extra well before sprinkling the fairy dust. That gives you an opportunity to talk to your child about how to best care for their missing tooth spot until a permanent tooth grows in.

Felt Tooth Pocket

Help your child make a special pocket for their tooth to hide in under their pillow. Grab some felt from a local craft store and let them design and create their own pocket. Hot glue works well for assembling. Before bed, let your child put their tooth in and hide it under their pillow.

Pro Tip: This makes it MUCH easier for the tooth fairy to actually find the tooth in the middle of the night.

Official Office of the Tooth Fairy Kit


If you’re feeling really into the tooth fairy gig, an educational tooth fairy kit can help you and your child document their transition from primary teeth to permanent teeth. Fun images of teeth and certificates help to encourage your child to be excited about their present and future dental health.

Special Coins

Not only is the tooth fairy an ice-breaker for talking about oral health, it can also be an outlet to discuss financial responsibility! Perhaps your child is too young for an allowance. However, special coins can be an exciting reward that your child will save and care for as a reminder of the tooth fairy.

If you have the opportunity to travel, foreign coins also make an exciting and educational treasure.


Perhaps your child lost a tooth, and no matter how excited they are (and how excited you are at their happiness), you can’t quite forget that your child has been neglecting to clean his or her room or help with the household chores. If you’ve tried repeatedly asking your child to take care of their chores, maybe it’s time someone else asked…

When your child wakes up to find a note under their pillow from the tooth fairy, detailing how she couldn’t get into their room because of all the toys on the floor and that she’ll try again the next night… You might be surprised how quickly your child really can clean up.

Pro Tip: This will probably go over better with older children, and reestablish their appreciation for that special treasure that gets hidden under their pillow upon the loss of a tooth.

Contact us to schedule your child’s preventive dental exam. We’re happy to answer any of their tooth fairy questions here, too!

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