Banish Tooth Sensitivity For Good – 4 Methods

West Columbia SC Family DentistThere’s nothing worse than sensitive teeth that force you to take your sweet tea at room temperature.

If you’re sick of sensitivity ruling your life, then it’s time to take action. Read below and find out about 4 ways to banish tooth sensitivity for good:

Keep Your Teeth Clean

Did you know that dental plaque is acidic? It contains lots of bacteria which slowly dissolve enamel. If you don’t consistently brush your teeth every day, then all that acidic plaque will gradually wear away layers of your teeth.

You should brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and floss at least once per day to limit the effects of plaque.

Patch the Weak Spots

Once your teeth are all caught up in the hygiene department, it’s time to bring in the reinforcements.

Weak spots of enamel or tooth roots exposed by gum recession can be patched up with small dental fillings. Dental bonding and small fillings are a quick way to block out intense hot and cold sensations.

Try a Desensitizing Toothpaste

Yes, they really work! Formulas like Sensodyne contain ingredients that plug up microscopic pores in the enamel. Those pores are what let temperature changes reach the tooth nerve. After using a desensitizing paste a few times, those small holes will be insulated.

Get More Fluoride

Fluoride helps prevent cavities, but it can also strengthen sensitive spots in enamel. You can try an over-the-counter fluoride rinse or a professional fluoride treatment.

Need Relief for Sensitive Teeth?

There’s no better start than seeing a West Columbia dentist! Contact Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry to schedule a consultation. Tell us you’d like to do something about your sensitive teeth and we’ll see you as soon as possible.

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