Bathroom Organization Tips

Bathrooms are some of the most bacteria ridden rooms in your house. And, depending on your dedication to cleaning, they may be the most overlooked on cleaning day. We can’t see germs, so we’ll often think that if something looks clean, it must actually be clean. If you had a microscope though, you’d know that this isn’t the case.


How to Keep your Bathroom Organized

Keeping your bathroom clean can help keep you and your family healthy. A lot goes on in a bathroom, after all, so it’s important to keep that in mind. Here are some tips to keep your bathroom clean and your body healthy.

Toothbrush Storage

Many people don’t think of this, but your toothbrush should be stored at least 6 feet away from your toilet. If your bathroom is particularly tiny, try going up with toothbrush storage if you can’t go over. Put it inside a medicine cabinet or on a higher shelf. You definitely don’t want any splashes from your toilet contaminating your toothbrush!

Pro Tip: Shut the lid of the toilet before you flush. Always.

Categorize & Organize

Keeping all of your makeup, shaving supplies, travel containers, and spare toilet paper organized will help you keep your bathroom clean. Anything that is absorbent (i.e., toilet paper and towels) should be kept in a dry area, away from the sink and toilet. Items that are glass or plastic and otherwise easy to wipe down can be kept out and easily wiped down and disinfected when you clean. Also, if you don’t use it daily, put it under the sink! Bathroom cabinets are underutilized because they aren’t extremely convenient, but if you haven’t used it this week, it’s worth the extra space you’ll save on the counter, making it easier to wipe off when you’re cleaning.

Pro Tip: Invest in shelving above the door or sink to keep extra items where they won’t get wet.

Keep it Washable

Those pretty cloth and woven baskets at department stores are gorgeous, but they’re also not easy to clean. When looking into bathroom storage, make sure to purchase things that are washable. This will save you time and make is much easier to have a germ-free bathroom. Plastic containers and washable knit bags or carriers will make it much easier for you truly clean everything that’s in your bathroom.

Pro Tip: Still love woven baskets? Just keep them away from any water sources by going up high with storage.

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