Could An Apple a Day Keep Cavities Away?

Although apples typically contain a lot of natural sugar, they could be one of the best foods for your teeth. Here’s why you should pack more of this juicy crunch in your diet. High In Fiber Apples come with lots of fiber, which is important for every stage of your body’s digestive process. It keeps […]

New Year’s Resolutions: Visit Your Dentist More This Year!

As 2017 gets underway, we’re all hoping that we can stick to our resolutions even better than we did last year. Some of your resolutions may include making changes to improve your weight and health. Things like: Eating better Cutting back on caffeine Quitting smoking Exercising more But one New Year’s resolution that you may […]

Are White Fillings Better Than Metal Ones?

That’s a question we definitely hear a lot at Carolina Smiles! Do you feel that it’s simply a matter of preference? Or is there some truth behind the growing trend of white dental fillings? Why We Loved Metal Fillings Metal amalgam restorations used to be our only option for filling cavities. They worked so well […]

Can You Afford Dental Care Without Insurance?

Sometimes, what people love most about their job is the medical or dental benefits. A great benefits plan might be the only reason people hold onto a certain job. No Insurance? No Problem! What if you don’t have your own insurance plan? Don’t let that become a barrier between your family and the quality dental […]

Five Ways to Help You Remember Your Next Dental Appointment

It happens to everyone sooner or later – you forget your dental appointment. Other things get in the way, or the appointment is simply ‘misplaced’ in the hectic shuffle of daily life. Forgetting a dental appointment is nothing to be ashamed of. Fortunately, there are few simple tricks you can use to make sure you remember […]

The Floss Controversy: What A Dentist Thinks About Flossgate

If you Google “flossgate”, you get back 17,700 search results, all thanks to a “bombshell” article from the AP that claims flossing may not be necessary after all. The AP article said that there is weak evidence for improving gum and oral health with flossing, and that the medical benefits of flossing were “unproven”. The […]

Can Flossing Extend Your Life Expectancy?

There are many healthy habits people can maintain to extend their life expectancy: exercising, eating well, staying social…flossing? According to, daily flossing helps you live longer and is one of those weird-but-true facts that is not so obvious. Think about it: Flossing prevents gum disease, and having good oral health lowers your risk for […]

Life Hacks: What to Do if You Forgot Your Toothbrush

It happens to everyone sooner or later. You’ve finally gotten a chance to take that vacation or family trip only to realize once you’ve arrived at your destination that you forgot to pack a toothbrush. Unfortunately, good dental hygiene never takes a vacation. What can you do keep your pearly whites clean without a toothbrush? […]