Famous Teeth: Celebrities Who Transformed Their Smile

Even celebrities need a little help getting beautiful smiles sometimes. Here is a list of our favorite dental makeovers and smile transformations!

LeAnn Rimes

In 2013, legendary singer LeAnn Rimes fixed her smile with veneers and crowns. She had a beautiful smile before, but you can see what an amazing difference it makes to have a straight and full smile.

leann rimes with veneers

David Beckham

A boyish David Beckham had a smile to go along with his youthful look: It was a little crooked and discolored, but eventually he needed to grow up. Now, David Beckham sports a distinguished and grown up smile with straightened and whitened teeth.

David Beckham with straight teeth

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst is beautiful and confident, and even with a crooked smile she owned her unique look. Dunst even once said, “I love my snaggle fangs…They give me character.” Even so, Dunst eventually tooth her mother’s advice to straighten her smile and, we must admit, we think she looks even more beautiful (is that possible?) with a straightened smile.

kirsten dunst with cosmetic dentistry

Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most valuable soccer (football) stars as well as a fashion icon! Cristiano Ronaldo did not always have a celebrity smile, though. When Ronaldo was younger, he had a very crooked and gummy smile, but then he got a good dentist and became a celebrity crush.

cristiano ronaldo with straightened teeth

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is one of the most accomplished and successful actors and narrators of our generation. His net worth is an astounding $90 million, but despite his mega-star fame and recognition, Freeman had a very modest smile for most of his career. As you can see in his before and after photos, he now has a brighter and straighter smile.

morgan freeman with straight and white teeth

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