Could An Apple a Day Keep Cavities Away?

West Columbia SC DentistAlthough apples typically contain a lot of natural sugar, they could be one of the best foods for your teeth. Here’s why you should pack more of this juicy crunch in your diet.

High In Fiber

Apples come with lots of fiber, which is important for every stage of your body’s digestive process. It keeps the intestines healthy and it also cleans teeth.


When we get the munchies, we often reach for something quick, easy, and pre-packaged. Healthy eating can take a bit of preparation. But apples are Nature’s way of loading tooth-friendly goodness in a conveniently-packaged portion.

Get The Juices Flowing!

Who doesn’t enjoy chomping into a cool, crisp, juicy apple after spending hours in the hot sun? Just the thought probably makes your mouth water! Where your teeth are concerned, water in your mouth is a good thing. Eating an apple temporarily ups your saliva flow which helps wash away bacteria and debris.

How To Enjoy Apples More Often

Sorry, baked into a pie with lots of added sugar is not a great way to take in an apple’s benefits! Unless you make it yourself, most apple juice sold in stores contains way more sugar than it does vitamins, so limit that, too.

Eaten fresh is the best way for your teeth to get in on the apple-y goodness. Try chopped apples over a salad of grilled chicken and spinach. Toss slices in cinnamon for a tasty afternoon pick-me-up. Fresh apple pieces mixed right into hot oatmeal will add a healthy natural sweetness and extra nutrients.

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