Dental Games for Kids

The Internet is a magical thing. Ask Google and ye shall receive any number of fun facts or interesting websites. And finding a way to make dental care fun is no exception. Kids love to play games – board games, phone games, computer games, you name it. If you can turn it into a game, chances are kids will suddenly be more interested. So we’ve put together a list of games you can find on the Internet for your kids to play, games guaranteed to make caring for teeth a bit more entertaining.

Make Dental Care Fun with Online Tooth-Themed Games


2-4 Years Old

If your child is obsessed with your phone, download Tooth Defenders Memory. This version of the classic game has three difficulty levels and has icons like an apple (healthy) and a bacteria character with a cookie (unhealthy).

Toothbrush Patch shows your child where to brush and the proper terms for those areas of the mouth (top outside front teeth, bottom back inside, etc.). They can also practice their counting skills because each section of the mouth is labeled with a number. Have your child say the number out loud before clicking on the next area. At the end, the teeth your child has just brushed are sparkling and bright. Job well done!

4-6 Years Old

For children a bit older, try a game like Lost Tooth Corner, found on Colgate’s Games section. It’s a bit more difficult that a traditional memory game: four teeth are hidden under pillows, and the child has to click on the right pillow to uncover a tooth. The goal is to help the Tooth Fairy collect enough teeth to build a castle.

Did your child enjoy the Tooth Defenders Memory game, but is now looking for something more challenging? Try Tooth Defenders Snacktastrophe. This action game has players using the different Tooth Defenders to clean teeth and prevent plaque from building up.

7-9 Years Old

A Tooth Defenders game for the older crowd is called Plaque Attack. Choose a character and shoot toothpaste balls at Placulus and his goons to keep teeth healthy until the next visit to the dentist.

Making dental hygiene more entertaining could be as easy as downloading an app or bookmarking a website. Our dentists love when patients come to appointments excited about caring for their smiles, so share any fun games that you find with us at your child’s next visit!

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