Dog Dental Hygiene

Here at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry, we love caring for our patients dental needs! Fortunately, teeth are teeth, and you can apply some of the same principles to your canine companion’s teeth, too. Your pup may not be the “floss twice a day” type, but it’s still important to check on their dental health. Genetics and bad habits can affect your dog’s oral hygiene, just like with humans!


Brush Their Teeth

Just like you have to help kids brush their teeth, you should also do that favor for your dog. Though it may be a fiasco of toothbrush eating and drool, he’ll thank you for your effort later. Just make sure you get a dog-friendly toothpaste!

Provide them with Bones

Different dogs have different chewing preferences, so this may involve a trip to your local pet store where fido gets to sniff around and tell you what he likes. There are a wide variety of healthy and environment friendly options such as naturally shed antlers for your pup to chew on that can help him keep his teeth shiny and bright.

Tug of War

Think of that rope toy as a giant, plush toothbrush. A rousing game of tug-of-war may be just what your pooch needs to remove plaque and prevent teeth from decaying. Just make sure to play in a manageable way for your pooch – we don’t want any gum bleeding!

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