3 Things You Should Know About Primary Teeth

Did you know that baby (primary) teeth last for one-sixth of a person’s life? Primary teeth, also commonly referred to as baby teeth, serve a very important function. Taking care of primary teeth will allow for the jaw bone to grow and develop the way it should. There is a misconception that baby teeth don’t matter since they eventually fall out and are replaced by adult, permanent teeth, but this simply isn’t true!

Here are three important facts that you should know about primary teeth:

Essential for Language Development

Primary teeth are important for language development and learning to make the right sounds. Primary teeth guide correct pronunciation by preventing the tongue from slipping during speech formation.

Primary Teeth Provide Space for Permanent Teeth

Think of primary teeth as placeholders for permanent teeth. Baby teeth guide the permanent, adult teeth to their correct position. If you do not take care of a baby’s teeth and they form cavities, you may cause problems for their adult teeth when they grow in.

Important for Development of Jaw Bones & Muscles

At this point, you are probably beginning to realize that baby teeth are not just a set of teeth that eventually fall out. Primary teeth contribute a lot to the development of a baby’s oral health! Primary teeth allow for normal development of the jaw bone; if the primary teeth develop a lot of cavities and have serious issues with tooth decay, all of these factors can affect the development of the jaw bone.

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