Fear & Loathing at the Dentist

Upcoming dental appointment got you down? Have you been stressing about your time in the dental chair since you made the dreaded call to set the appointment? Does the mere thought of a dental drill send shivers down your spine?

You’re not alone!

Fear of the doctor – including the dentist – is a top-10 fear as reported by a 2001 Gallup poll. “Fear” is the easiest word to describe the feeling, but what most with this fear have is more of an anxiety: a feeling of unease about an upcoming or imminent event.

But rest assured you have nothing to dread about coming to the dentist!

Perhaps you had a bad experience at the dentist when you were younger, and now the sound of a drill makes you queasy. Or you haven’t been in so long that you don’t know what to expect, which has you feeling uneasy. Our team truly has seen it all, so we can help you feel calm and comfortable while you get the dental care you need. We’ll walk you through your entire treatment, answer any questions you have, and work at a pace that you’re comfortable with. If your nerves strike in the middle of the procedure, let us know! We’ll slow down and help you relax again.

If your nerves have turned you into a shaking mess, we can still get you the treatment you need without risking life, limb, or healthy tooth! We have sedation options to help with any level of dental anxiety. Laughing gas can be used to put mildly anxious patients at ease quickly and easily. If you need something a little stronger, just let us know! Your doctor can prescribe you a pill to take before your appointment so that by the time you’re in the chair and we’re ready to work, you’re totally at ease!

At Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry, our West Columbia dental team can help you reclaim your smile on your terms. Don’t let the fear of dental drills keep you from getting the smile of your dreams – contact us today!

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