The Floss Controversy: What A Dentist Thinks About Flossgate

If you Google “flossgate”, you get back 17,700 search results, all thanks to a “bombshell” article from the AP that claims flossing may not be necessary after all. The AP article said that there is weak evidence for improving gum and oral health with flossing, and that the medical benefits of flossing were “unproven”.

The fall-out spurred a flurry of comments on all sides:

Cartoons about Flossing

Source:Rob Rogers: Post Gazette

Flossing Makes Wired Magazine





Source: Matt Simon: Wired (Magazine)

Flossing Even Made The New York Times!


Source: Twitter, NYT

What Do Dentists Say About Flossing?

Despite all the flossing controversy, we here at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry still strongly encourage everyone to continue to floss. The article was based on studies which were limited and there haven’t been very good, broad studies on the effectiveness of flossing against gum disease, but any dentist will tell you that they can tell by looking in a patient’s mouth if someone is flossing. Flossing regularly keeps your gums healthy, and by preventing gum disease, you also protect your teeth from tooth decay and loose teeth. If you have any questions about flossing, or proper flossing techniques, feel free to talk to anyone on our dental team and we will be happy to help you with your oral health!

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