Tips for Getting Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

Trying to make your child understand the complex idea that brushing, although a chore, is a fun chore can be impossible. None of us (well.. not many of us) want to brush our teeth unless there’s spinach stuck between our front teeth. However, we know that in order to avoid the need for extra dental work (and extra expense), brushing is important! Therefore, we do it happily.

However, convincing the kiddo that brushing is fun is a whole other story.


Let Them do the Brushing

In order to help your child stay independent when it comes to brushing, it’s important that you let them do the brushing. Yup. You’ll go through more toothpaste than necessary, and the sink may need a scrub down afterwards, but it’s worth it. However, kids do have trouble reaching those back molars, so it is important for you to help them after they’re done.

Get the Gear

Buying a singing toothbrush or special toothpaste may be all your child requires to get excited about brushing their teeth. Take them to a store and let them pick their toothbrush out! If they’re excited about it, they’re much less likely to be grumpy or scared of brushing.


Yeah. I know. I said the B word.

But really, rewarding your child for good behavior might be necessary in this case, particularly if your child is showing signs of fear or anger about brushing. Some positive reinforcement may be just what they need to rise above it.

Alternatively, you can also hand over the reigns for your own brushing needs. Letting your child brush your teeth will show them they have nothing to fear from their toothbrush.

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