Plaque-Revealing Green Toothpaste May Help Fight Tooth Decay

How well are you really brushing your teeth? You may have heard of dye tablets that you can chew after brushing which reveal spots you’ve missed. Now, there is a toothpaste that claims to do just this, so as you’re brushing you can see where plaque remains.

The product is called Plaque HD, created by TARGETOL TECHNOLOGY™. It contains the color-disclosing agents within it so you can skip that extra step if you use the plaque revealing tablets. Reviews for this toothpaste on Amazon are mostly great, and while this toothpaste is a little pricey, it may be beneficial for kids who need extra encouragement while brushing.

The Green Toothpaste’s Clinical Trial

Will changing your toothpaste help you to remove plaque more efficiently? According to one short-term study conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago, there was a 51.3% reduction in plaque in participants who used Plaque HD.

The study included thirty-one participants who were divided into two groups. One control group used a control toothpaste over two visits to the dentist, and the experimental group brushed with control toothpaste for the first visit, and the experimental toothpaste for the second visit. The experimental toothpaste was Plaque HD. The results were such: “Participants using the experimental toothpaste demonstrated significantly less plaque remaining between visits (51.3% reduction, p=0.015) than participants using only the placebo toothpaste (8.3% reduction, p=0.189).”

Brushing Style, Not Toothpaste, Removes Plaque

Does Plaque HD actually help remove more plaque, or just make you aware of more plaque? This toothpaste does not remove plaque any better than the typical toothpaste you find at the drugstore; the only thing that Plaque HD does to help remove more plaque is make the consumer aware that plaque remains on your teeth. The study revealed that participants who were given no instructions with Plaque HD did not show any significant improvement in plaque removal until they were specifically guided on their use of this toothpaste:

“In our preliminary study, performed with different subjects, there was no significant difference between a control toothpaste and PlaqueHDTM when no oral hygiene instructions were given. These findings demonstrated that no inherent plaque-removing ability exists for PlaqueHD™ compared to the control toothpaste, and they confirm the importance of proper use instructions with such a product. The current study showed that participants given instructions on how to use a plaque-disclosing toothpaste demonstrated a significant improvement in plaque removal efficacy.”

Toothpaste Creates Awareness of Plaque, Brushing is What Removes it!

“Our results demonstrate that when subjects used the control toothpaste at both visits, there was no significant difference in plaque on their teeth – this is because they had no signal to perform hygiene any differently than they normally did and maintained their same oral-hygiene habits. Those participants using PlaqueHD™, after being given instructions, were able to demonstrate significantly better mechanical plaque removal because they were able to visualize remaining plaque and remove it. The long-term use of such a product is therefore likely to promote better hygiene habits, and possibly reduce oral diseases.”

In conclusion, if you find plaque-revealing toothpaste to be helpful while brushing, then maybe give this toothpaste a go. If you are already a thorough and diligent brusher, then give this toothpaste a miss. It all depends on your specific needs! As always, brush and floss every day to keep the plaque away!

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