Spooky Dental Veneers

Here at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry, we love improving smiles, one patient at a time. Our cosmetic treatments offer variety and affordability to help patients achieve the smile of their dreams on a budget that fits their needs. High quality dental veneers are one of these treatments, allowing patients to cosmetically enhance their smiles without orthodontic treatment.


What are Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin, tooth-shaped ceramic casings that are bonded to a tooth to change the appearance of your smile. They’re often used to hide cracks, gaps, or yellowing teeth. We also offer Snap-On Smile, an alternative which is removable and more affordable than traditional veneers.

Halloween is coming though, and that means we’ll see some of the spookiest temporary veneers out there! Temporary veneers range in price dramatically. Some you can find at gag stores for $5, others are custom-made and special ordered to fit the wearer’s mouth. So, which would you choose to go with your Halloween costume?


First, we have the all-pointed smile. This Goblin-style grin is sure to set your friends on edge (or at the very least, gross them out).

Next we have the yellowed, double vampire look. If you’re going for true horror rather than the beautiful vampire look, this is your smile. We’d also recommend it for witches and werewolves.

Finally, we have the classic vampire. If the mysterious, powerful vampire has you written all over it, these classy canines will be sure to impress!

While we don’t make these in our office, feel free to SPOOK US for cosmetic dental veneers to improve your smile!

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