Summer Care Tips for Teeth

Summer is here, and all of us are rushing to either go on vacation or juggle our family’s new summer schedule. With so much in flux, it can be hard to stay on top of your oral health regime. Who knows, perhaps there may even be a dental emergency after a volleyball game or a rollerblading tumble. Whatever happens this summer, here are a few oral health tips to keep you and your dentist happy!

Don’t Slack On Oral Hygiene


Longer days are here, and maybe that means staying up later than usual and slacking on flossing or thoroughly brushing before bed. Throw vacations in and you may have completely neglected flossing altogether! Just because this is a time to relax doesn’t mean it’s a time to relax on your oral health. If you’re on the run a lot this year, try taking portable toothbrush and toothpaste with you everywhere. Even mini floss comes on a keychain now!

Use This Time For A Checkup & Try To Moderate Sugar Intake


If you have kids, now is the time to get them to see the dentist. With their schedules open, it’s important to get them in for a checkup and make sure they have a clean bill of health! Also, watch their sugar intake this summer. We know how tempting it is to eat ice cream, soda and candy during the summer, especially if they are spending a lot of time at their friends’ houses or not being supervised directly by you. When you combine soda, popsicles, ice cream and other sugary treats (birthday cake, anyone?) then your kids run the risk of developing dental caries as sugar is one of the number one causes of cavities.

Prevent Dental Emergencies

kidsfootballSo many dental injuries happen during the summer, especially with kids. We’ve seen teeth knocked out from missing the diving board, chipped teeth from falling on the pavement, and numerous other dental injuries that could have been avoided. If your kids are playing any team sports this summer, please make them wear a mouthguard as this is the number one way you can protect your teeth and gums. Mouth guards are incredibly important for protecting your mouth, so do not go without one!

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