Teeth of State Animals: South Carolina

We’re all about South Carolina pride here at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry in West Columbia. We’re also proud of our state animals, and today we are highlighting our favorite animals that you can find right here in the Palmetto State. You’ll notice that some of the animals on our list have teeth that are very similar to ours, even though their diets are probably wildly different! See our top South Carolina animal teeth below!

State Animal: White-Tailed Deer


The white-tailed deer is native to the United States, Mexico, Canada, Central America and South America. White-tailed deer eat an enormous amount of food, including legumes, plants, shoots, leaves, cacti, and grasses. They can also eat acorns, fruit, corn, poison ivy, and mushrooms. These deer are mostly herbivores, and only occasionally will eat meat, but usually only if the need arises. They have been known to eat field mice and some birds.

Their teeth are made up of mostly molars, and at birth a white-tailed deer will only have four teeth. By adulthood, they have 32 teeth, including 12 premolars, 12 molars, six incisors, and two canines.

State Dog: Boykin Spaniel


The Boykin Spaniel is the state dog of South Carolina. This cute pooch is known for being a hunter, a smarty pants, and for friendly confidence. Dogs, just like humans, need their teeth brushed every day. With dogs, you need to use special toothpaste (never use human toothpaste on your pets!) and there are many varieties out there, including poultry and beef flavored toothpaste. Dogs have about 42 teeth, including incisors, canines, premolars and molars!

State Amphibian: Spotted Salamander


The Spotted Salamander is the state amphibian of South Carolina, and they have small teeth in both their upper and lower jaw. Spotted Salamanders eat earthworms, snails, slugs, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, isopods, and insects. These amphibians are nocturnal and have been known to live for up to 32 years!

That’s just the beginning of all the interesting teeth in South Carolina. How are your teeth doing? Schedule an appointment at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry today to get a bright and shining smile!

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