Tips for Post Lunch Dental Care

Keeping your teeth plaque free and healthy probably isn’t your top priority in the middle of a busy day with kids or at the office. However, some post-lunch dental care may help you maintain your smile so that your teeth sparkle at your next dental visit. Here are our tips for easy and convenient oral hygiene boosts.

Taking Care of your Teeth…

…No Matter Where You Are.

Do you keep up with flossing every day? No. Do you brush your teeth every single night before bed? Maybe not. Whatever your level of commitment is to your smile, there’s almost no doubt that it could always be better. Hey, even our staff here at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry may have that odd day where brushing our teeth gets lost somewhere between getting the kids dressed and making sure we don’t leave the house with rollers still in our hair. So, we’re here to help busy people everywhere maintain their smile!

Those Wacky Disposable Toothbrushes

You may have heard of Wisps. They’re these wonderful little single use toothbrushes that are packaged already with toothpaste. These are by far the easiest after-lunch option for maintaining a healthy smile. The cons? They’re expensive to use daily and not very good for the environment.

Drink Water

Swishing after each meal with just a little water can do wonders for your smile. It knocks off any excess food and plaque, giving your smile a brief refresh. Bonus – it’s good for you to remember to drink water throughout your busy day anyways, so go ahead and make it a 2 for 1 in favor of your health!

Sugar Free Gum

Not only can you freshen your breath for that afternoon meeting, but sugar-free gum can also help keep you awake during that afternoon slump. Pop in a piece of peppermint gum and just watch your afternoon and your smile brighten. Just remember – sugar-free is best for your smile. If you get gum with sugar in it, you’re just perpetuating the issue, not solving it.

Have your own methods for keeping your smile bright after lunch? Share them with us!

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