Unusual Uses for Toothpaste

Many of us try to be conscious about the chemicals we use in our homes, especially if we have children and pets. Maybe you’re a fan of the lemon and vinegar bathroom cleaner, or homemade laundry detergent. While these options are more earth friendly and sometimes more budget friendly, they aren’t always on-hand. If you’ve run out of your favorite homemade cleaner, go for the toothpaste tube!

Unusual Uses for Toothpaste

You always have that available, right? Well, we hope so…

Unusual Uses for Toothpaste

Crayon Remover

If your kiddo enjoys drawing their latest masterpiece on the kitchen wall, take some toothpaste to it! The paste type works the best (sorry, gel users). Just scrub away with a rag or scrub brush and watch the crayon disappear.

Shine Your Silver

If you’ve inherited grandma’s silver, give it a new shine with a toothpaste rub! This is great for those spontaneous dinner parties if you don’t have silver cleaner on hand.

Repair Your Walls

Moving out of that rental apartment today? Did you remember to pick up spackling at the hardware store? If not, try toothpaste. Though it isn’t the option your landlord would prefer, it’s better than the fee you’ll rack up for leaving nail holes in the wall.


Going for a swim? Brush your teeth and your goggles before you go! Just coat your goggles with toothpaste then wipe clean to prevent them from fogging up while you dive.

Headlight Cleaner

If your car is looking a bit dull, brighten the headlights with some toothpaste! Just apply and scrub with a brush. They’ll shine clear next time you’re out for an evening drive.

Burn Relief

If your cooking adventures often leave you with a quick burn, apply some toothpaste next time! You’ll get minty relief and you won’t have to stand at the sink while running cold water over the burn. Let the cooking continue!

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