Are White Fillings Better Than Metal Ones?

West Columbia SC General DentistThat’s a question we definitely hear a lot at Carolina Smiles!

Do you feel that it’s simply a matter of preference? Or is there some truth behind the growing trend of white dental fillings?

Why We Loved Metal Fillings

Metal amalgam restorations used to be our only option for filling cavities. They worked so well because they were fast, cheap, and long-lasting.

Why aren’t they so popular these days? It’s because white composite restorations have replaced their amalgam predecessors because they are loaded with benefits the metal ones can’t provide, like:

  • Beautifully aesthetic
  • More conservative
  • Create a tight bond with the tooth
  • Don’t stain the teeth or gums
  • Allow better visibility on x-rays

Is There Anything Wrong With Metal Fillings?

It’s not just the fact that amalgam restorations aren’t as sleek as white ones. There are also some concerns about the levels of mercury in the metal.

Mercury is a binding agent which helps the other liquid metals (like silver) to solidify almost instantly. Once they’re poured into the tooth, they begin to harden up as the result of a chemical reaction.

Although the mercury is a very small amount and has no evidence it of harming patients, some people are still a little cautious. Erring on the safe side, their minds are at ease when they choose the metal-free composite resin fillings.

White Dental Fillings in West Columbia

Does a gorgeous new white filling sound like an ideal solution to any cavities you now have?

Here at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry, we use only the latest in dental techniques and materials to restore your smile. Call our team today to book your consultation.

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