World Records: Teeth Edition

Who doesn’t love reading about bizarre and unbelievable world records? Today we are bringing you an even better version of the Guinness Book of World Records achievements: This is the dental edition! All of these world records are related to teeth. From most teeth in a person’s mouth to heaviest weight balanced on teeth, these world records are fascinating and some are simply downright scary. Please don’t attempt some of these at home, but nonetheless, here are some of the most incredible world records relating to teeth as of 2016.

Most stacked benches held between the teeth

Ouch? This record was set by Huang Changzhun of China in 2011, who famously balanced 17 (pre stacked) benches in his mouth for ten seconds.

Most people brushing their teeth at one time

This record is one that will make all dentists happy because it relates to good oral hygiene. In 2005, at an event arranged by Colgate Palmolive, there were 13,380 people in a single venue simultaneously brushing their teeth – a record set in 2005 that has yet to be beat.

Most people brushing dogs’ teeth simultaneously

Awww…Your pooch’s pearly whites need to be brushed just like yours. Amazingly, there were no dog fights at this world record. In 2012, at an event promoting dog dental care and hygiene awareness in Hong Kong, there were 268 people brushing dogs’ teeth at one time!

Most teeth at birth

Teeth that are present at birth are known as natal teeth. Neonatal teeth are teeth which grow within the first 30 days after birth. Natal teeth are uncommon and usually only present in 1 in every 3,000 births. Some babies are born with more natal teeth than others…take Sean Keaney of the UK, who was born in 1990 with 12 teeth. Those natal teeth were removed for medical reasons, and he grew a second set of full teeth only 18 months later.

Oldest person to grow a new tooth

Most people in their 90s are losing their teeth rather than growing new ones, but not Erna Kohane of the United States. She had a new tooth growing at the age of 92 years old in 2014.

Longest line of toothpaste tubes

Sometimes while you’re in university, you get to participate in events that change the world. And sometimes, you’re in a class that gets listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. At John Carroll University in Ohio, students of MN550 Leadership and Management class set a new world record for the longest line of toothpaste tubes. This class lined up 2,138 tubes in 2015.

Largest collection of toothbrushes

You’d have to save all the toothbrushes you’ve ever owned plus all the toothbrushes of your immediate and extended family to come close to beating this record! As of 2008, Grigori Fleicher of Russia holds the largest collection of different tooth brushes: 1,320 toothbrushes.

Largest dental health check

9,334 participants received dental health checks in Sri Lanka on Oral Health Day, sponsored by Unilever. School children from the Kandy area of Sri Lanka received dental health checks that were open to the general public. 150 qualified dentists were on site to perform the check ups.

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(image & record credit to Guinness Book of World Records)

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