Cosmetic Dentistry

As part of our comprehensive dental care at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry, we offer a full suite of cosmetic dentistry treatments:

  • Porcelain Veneers and Snap-On Smile® – We can re-face your smile by bonding porcelain veneers to the fronts of cracked or gapped teeth for a smooth even look you will love. For a more affordable smile, opt for the treatment that snaps in place for a whole new smile.
  • Professional Teeth Whitening – Brighten your smile by as many as 8 shades in a single one-hour visit with Carolina Smile Family Dentistry’s professional teeth whitening. A whiter smile takes years off your appearance and adds to your self-confidence. Get ready for that big interview or class reunion. Schedule your teeth whitening session today.
  • Dental Crowns – Treat yourself to a brilliant smile with permanent, natural looking dental crowns. These cosmetic treatments will be anchored with root replacement implants so your new teeth will last for many years. We will take a mold of your original teeth and create a crown, or cap, that blends beautifully into your smile.
  • Dental Bridges -Here is a solution that will replace missing teeth and restore your confidence as well as your beautiful smile. With dental bridges, your missing teeth are anchored with the adjacent natural teeth to fill the gap smoothly and evenly. No one will ever know they aren’t your real teeth.
  • Cosmetic Fillings – Choose composite fillings in the color of your choice, shaped to your natural teeth, and formed to the contour of your enamel for a sure and secure protective shield against bacteria.

Contact Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry today and schedule an appointment with our dedicated dental team. We will do a comprehensive checkup and evaluation to determine the right cosmetic treatment for you and your budget. We happily accept all major insurance plans and offer our Dental Savers Plan for uninsured or under insured patients.