Snap-On Smile®

A simple, non-invasive and affordable cosmetic dental treatment, Snap-On Smile® gives our patients the clean and smooth smile they have always wanted. A less expensive alternative to veneers, Snap-On Smile® is formed to the contour of your natural teeth so that is snaps right over your smile for a transformation that requires no shots or drilling. The Snap On Smile® is a removable, even reversible arch that fits over your teeth in a snap.

In just two visits, you will walk out with a perfect smile. You can eat or drink with Snap On Smile®, and its strong, yet thin resin composition is capable of serving as a permanent as well as temporary cosmetic solution. This is an ideal alternative for patients who have gapped or cracked teeth they would like to correct affordably.

Reversible Cosmetic Dental Arch

The Snap On Smile® is completely reversible. The appliance is made of strong yet flexible resin that will snap in place from either side. This permits the patient to use both sides of the appliance for more versatility and durability.

It makes a perfect temporary solution for patients awaiting permanent dental appliances. Snap On Smile® will also serve double duty as a protective guard against bruxism for newly installed crowns while preserving your beautiful smile. Use them to reshape your smile if you have crooked or gapped teeth. They are worn over existing teeth which anchor them in place, so there is no need for drilling and they are ready for wear after just two visits.

You can be ready for that big date, have your smile ready for wedding photos, speaking engagements or class reunions. Snap On Smile® candidates will have no more than six teeth missing and relatively healthy gums. Contact us today and ask about Snap On Smile® on your next visit to Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry.