Cracked Tooth Repair

A cracked tooth can do more than spoil a beautiful smile. Without proper dental care services, it opens the door to infection and decay. Your tooth has nerves which, when exposed by a crack in the enamel, become highly sensitive to hot or cold. The resulting pain can be severe, making it difficult to eat or drink.

Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry offers several simple restorative treatments for your cracked tooth. We can determine which of those treatments is most suitable for you, based on the extent and location of the cracked tooth.

For smaller cracks, a simple filling or bonding procedure will repair the damage easily and restore your smile. Our bonding technique involves the application of a resin that will match your natural tooth color, and will ensure a solid bond with your tooth enamel. The bonding material is shaped to your tooth and hardened with UV light for a permanent imperceptible shield for your tooth.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

Whatever type of tooth damage you have experienced, Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry has a solution that will fit your need and your budget. We can evaluate the damage, determine what type of repair is required for optimal repair and select a treatment that will give you back that winning smile.

More extensive damage may require a crown. Crowns are shaped like your natural tooth and act as a protective, as well as cosmetic, cover for the damaged tooth. It will blend seamlessly with your surrounding teeth and restore your healthy smile.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art restorative dental repair technology, we can complete most cracked tooth treatments in just a single visit. If you have a cracked tooth, contact us today to schedule a visit at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry for an evaluation by one of our caring dentists. We will have you smiling confidently again with prompt, painless and affordably priced quality dental care.