Oral Cancer Screenings

An important and invaluable benefit of routine dental care is the opportunity to identify the early warning signs of oral cancer. Early identification of cancer of the mouth is essential to successful treatment, and can prevent it with proper oral health care. As with any screening, it allows you and your dentist to evaluate the health of your mouth and ensure your treatment plan is tailored to your specific needs.

At Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry, we strongly believe in the value of regular oral cancer screenings for our patients. Particularly for patients whose medical or family history suggest a high risk for cancer or who smoke or chew tobacco. Symptoms that your dentist will check for include soreness, red or white patches on mouth tissue, lumps, difficulty chewing, speaking or swallowing and numbness in the lips or mouth.

Our dentists have the training and experience to identify abnormal tissue or other signs that may indicate the presence or risk of cancer. Screening is a visual inspection of the mouth and oral tissue that takes just a few minutes and can be combined with your normal dentist visit.

Don’t Wonder – Get Checked!

The American Dental Association states that 42,000 Americans per year are diagnosed with oral cancer. Early detection lowers the risk of health issues that can result from treatment of oral cancer. If you are at a higher risk of oral cancer due to your family history or personal habits, ask your Carolina Smiles Family dentist to schedule a cancer screening for you.

What you don’t know may very well be something that can hurt you. Don’t be in doubt about your oral health. The risks are too high, and prevention is simple and non-invasive. There is no reason not to make certain with a quick and painless oral cancer screening. Contact us today to schedule a visit for a through checkup including a cancer screening.