Composite Fillings

Cracked or damaged teeth can spoil an otherwise dazzling smile, rob you of confidence and leave you vulnerable to tooth decay. At Carolina Smiles, we offer a full spectrum of treatments for tooth repair, including composite fillings.

Restorative dentistry has come a long way from the days of silver and gold fillings that were anything but cosmetic as well as much less natural looking. Metal fillings are no longer your only option when you have a cavity to fill or cracked tooth to repair.

Today, we can proudly offer fillings that blend a resin compound with glass for a vastly superior cosmetic match and a durable protective shield against tooth decay. You can choose your own color or material for composite filling, so you can smile – and chew – with confidence.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite resin is a blend of materials that can be matched to the natural color of your teeth and harden to a durable surface. The resin is a plastic material, mixed with glass that can be shaped and molded to your teeth and bonds to the surface quickly so it can be applied in a single visit.

Composite resin filling treatment includes removal of some of your natural tooth’s enamel and application of a bonding agent to prep the surface for an optimal bond. The resin must remain dry while curing, but once it has set, it will last for years and years.

Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry accepts a wide range of dental insurance plans. For those with minimal or no dental insurance, no worries, ask about our Dental Savers Plan to assist in financing your new smile.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment with one of our dentists for a composite filling. We will restore your teeth to their natural glory with a natural-looking filling you can be proud of.