Dental Implants Restorations

For a permanent and natural looking restorative treatment that matches your original teeth, dental implant restoration represents the finest in dental technology. Your dental implants can be molded to fit your natural teeth in shape and color and are then cemented firmly into place for a permanent replacement solution.

Missing teeth can cause the surrounding bone tissue to shrink or change shape and the adjacent teeth to shift. Dental implant restoration prevents the bone from receding from the gum line and holds your existing teeth in place for a natural and even smile.

Your dentist will first replace the root of the missing tooth with an implant that will anchor to the bone below the gums. This implant will need to fuse thoroughly with the bone in order to form a solid anchor for the crown. Until it fuses, a temporary crown will be placed over the implant to provide a full smile in the meantime and protect the implant. Once fusing is complete, your permanent crown is cemented into place.

We Can Repair Your Dental Implant

Occasionally a dental implant might need to be repaired. Damage can occur for various reasons, such as bruxism, or teeth grinding. Whatever the cause of the damage, your dental care experts at Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry can repair the implant for you.

In instances where the implant fails due to bone loss, it may be necessary to graft bone tissue to the area where the implant was located. This can be a lengthy procedure with extensive time need for fusing before the implant can be replaced, in which case a temporary crown will be put in place until the bone has fully fused.

Contact Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implant restoration treatment. Our office is very insurance friendly, and we offer a Dental Saver Plan for uninsured or under insured patients.