Sedation Dentist

At Carolina Smiles Family Dentistry, we recognize that some of our patients need a bit more help with relaxation for their dental treatments. The sensation of drilling or a significant gag reflex may cause some to prefer not to be quite so aware during their dental treatment. For those patients we have sedation options available to enhance their comfort level.

We offer treatment with an oral conscious sedation dentist if you prefer to be sedated during their treatment. This allows you to remain alert enough to respond to your dental care team but remain entirely relaxed throughout the session.

Relax with Oral Conscious Sedation

If you elect to have oral conscious sedation dentistry, your dentist will prescribe a pill for you to take prior to your treatment. Your oral sedation should be taken approximately one hour before your scheduled appointment time. This will alleviate your dental anxiety during the procedure and allow the dental team to communicate with you.

Your dosage can be adjusted to suit your anxiety level so that you are at ease by the time the treatment begins, and if you so wish, you can be fully sedated the entire time.

Carolina Smiles Cares for the comfort and relaxation of each of our patients. We wish to do all we can to make you feel at ease during your visits with us. With or without sedation, we ensure through the use of local anesthesia that you feel minimal discomfort throughout whatever treatment you are here to receive.

We provide flat screen TV’s at each chair for you to enjoy your favorite shows while we care for your smile. Pillows and blankets are also available to make you feel more at home while you are visiting with us. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ask one of our dentists about sedation dentistry options available to you when scheduling your next visit.